Sunday, July 22, 2012

Going to a farmer's market in the Hudson Valley

The farmer's markets throughout the Hudson Valley are just fabulous! You can go to a different one every week or just frequent your favorite one. Hyde Park's farmers market is held every Saturday morning in the  town hall's parking lot, rain or shine from 9am to 2pm from June to the end of October.

 The fruits and vegetables, you can tell were just picked that much fresher can it get? !If you're lucky, the farmer may give you a sample of some of his produce before you decide what to purchase.

 You'll have to try some farm-fresh eggs, the yolks are such a brilliant yellow, they are truly amazing and not to be missed.

And don't forget about the local honey and maple syrup vendor. There is nothing healthier for you then eating the local honey. And wait till you taste and savor locally produced maple syrup, it is so light to the taste and not overly sweet, you'll be wondering how you have survived all these years with the store bought stuff.

Going to the local markets lets you eat fresher and healthier foods. You'll also will have the chance to talk with the farmers, as you stand at their vendor table, you'll be able to ask questions about their crops and other products.They'll share with you their farming tales but all you really need to do is study their hands, it will tell you everything you'll need to know about being a farmer.


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